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Leticia and Quinto
are highly respected healers and teachers
who together represent a living medicine wheel.
Leticia, a visionary, wise in the ways of Native American Shamanism, Astrology and Psychology,
specialises in work with MENTAL and SPIRITUAL aspects (East and North on the Medicine Wheel).
Quinto, a magician, wise in the ways of Inca Shamanism  and Healing with Stones, Sound and Vibration,
specialises in work with PHYSICAL and EMOTIONAL aspects (South and West on the Medicine Wheel)

They combine their knowledge and transformational skills with the practical wisdom and experience gained
 from their own life journeys, deep studies of humanity and a their commited, sacred approach to healing.
Leticia and Quinto embody and transmit the energy of sacred relationship.  With heartfelt compassion
it is their joy to support you with love and wisdom on your journey of transformational and growth.
Together their mission is to heal the hearts and minds of humanity and mother earth herself,
so that we may to let go of fear and go forward as one, with trusting, open hearts.

These respected shaman answer calls worldwide for assistance in
upgrading DNA, activating medicine wheels, vortices and earth lines
and working with individuals as needed.

They work always with compassion and love.




Leticia has been a visionary since childhood,
with loving connections to the plant and animal kingdoms.
As a teen she was drawn to analyse planetary influences on
human personality, thus commenced a lifelong study of Astrology
and a 30-year development of her uncanny accuracy in
mapping and reading the life-path, purpose and gifts of an individual.

At the age of 21 Leticia was thrust into a life-changing near-death encounter, during which she found herself enfolded in the unconditional love of Great Spirit. Many secrets were revealed about extraordinary facets of the human soul
and the truth about their earth-walk. Since this moment she has been commited to awakening us to our beauty and purpose by
reintroducing us to our own source of light.

Fourteen years ago Leticia was called to the Shamanic path and received teachings from many wonderful Native American ‘relatives’.  
She returned to the UK with instructions to pass on this knowledge
which she has done in many workshops and courses. 
Her connection to the Crystal Skulls lead to work with Mayan elders in Guatemala where she was instructed to upgrade the DNA of humankind.
She now works with Pyramidal Memories Transmutation to fulfill this mission.

A published author, Leticia has written for major newspapers and magazines
both in the UK and in the US, and has guest-appeared on radio and television programmes both sides of the Atlantic. Leticia is renowned for surprising John Major and the press, telling him he would one day become prime minister.

Leticia has been consulted by royalty for private readings and
energy cleansing of royal rooms and buildings. 
She is a sacred pipe carrier and has opened and connected
sacred medicine wheels worldwide.

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Quinto has always been deeply connected to the rhythms and vibrations of the cosmos, which he expresses through his sensitive music and intuitive understanding of all the aspects of this planet –
working particularly to heal through sound, water and rocks
and more recently with the
5th dimensional encoders and vortex technology.

  His love of humanity and eternal curiosity led him to
a lifelong study of psychology, physics and spiritual theory.
Apprenticed as an Inca Shaman he was
initiated as
Pampamisayoq..Priest of The Earth’.
He has now been a Shamanic Healer for many years,
particularly gifted in cleansing and realigning the body
through crystals, sound and sacred ‘cujas’ stones.

To combine his love of people and spiritual understanding of sound,
he studied and taught Music Therapy in his own
original and encouraging way.   It is his great joy to
encourage all to awaken to their own inbuilt
connections to music and to discover the joy
of musical ability in a natural, intuitive
 and confidence-building way.

Quinto's life changed radically when he received the calling
to travel the world helping humanity transition into the New
through removal and transmuting of old, hampering soul memories
(which facilitates DNA upgrading).    
When he encountered Joel Ducatillon’s channelled encoders his strong
and reliable intuition guided him to become an operator of this extraordinary technology (Pyramidal Memories Transmutation).
  He now travels to where he feels called to share this important work in assisting humanity to speed up the current process of transition.

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